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2009年October月9th日 : 05:12PM - -tarrot-/IRODORI icons
Rui/Kanoe - 17 still icons
[13] as Rui
[4] as Kanoe


Here @ x_lovegun_x
2007年August月17th日 : 11:40PM - Introduction
Welcome to LosingPurity, a fan community for the band Irodori. I really adored Ruri and Kanoe’s work back when they were in Devise en Despair and was glad to see that their new band also had an impressive sound. They have a very wonderful, heavy sound mixed with traditional elements that simply sounds great together. I was really surprised to see that there was not an active community made for them yet. Membership is moderated, but please feel free to join. If you have any questions or comments, leave me a message here.
月 に 照 ら さ れ た 君 の 残 像